Mechanics and Carved Art

Inspired by the grandeur of the physical world, the heavenly bodies and terrestrial organisms, the South Korean craftsman creates original kinetic sculptures, combining stunning, almost otherworldly beauty and complexity of the mechanical movement. He makes brilliant biomorphic forms tremble, light and almost to “breathe” in their metallic bodies.



Talented sculptor from Seoul (South Korea) U-Ram Choe known works that combine equal parts of mechanical engineering and carved art. Recent sculpture author called Silver Insecta Lamp and Gold Insecta Lamp in the form of beautiful insects.


Form sculptures skillfully contours of insects. Openwork wings are made with almost jewelry craftsmanship. And under this delicate shell hides a complex mechanism with integrated processor engine and LEDs.


Kinetic sculpture may also function as a lamp. When you turn on the light, delicate wings begin to move slowly, creating the effect of a living organism.