Menacing Eye Lid Tattoos

Tattoos are loved worldwide and people want these tattoos in their most unusual places. I hope you understand what unusual means. But who is going to stop them? Answer is no one. So here are some awful examples of eye lid tattoos. May be you will also become a tattoo lover!

1) This old man has some sort of unique s*x for sure.

Menacing Eye Lid Tattoos2) This man is blind and hence tattoo’s eyes are transplanted.

Menacing Eye Lid Tattoos3) Yes, this prank never sleeps.

Menacing Eye Lid Tattoos4) This man loves peace and hence is in the shelter of magical mountain.

Menacing Eye Lid Tattoos5) I think you should fear from his ugly face.

Menacing Eye Lid Tattoos6) Is he a gay? Can somebody tell me?

Menacing Eye Lid Tattoos7) Witch of the modern time.

Menacing Eye Lid Tattoos8) Hybrid of American buffalo and man.

Menacing Eye Lid Tattoos9) Oh my god, a new breed is found. May be he will spread aliens in this world.

10)  He loves to solve the mysteries. But do you?

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