Monica Bellucci’s pictures for her lovers

Beautiful, smart and damn sexy … this Italian beauty of 50 years, but with age it has added more charm, her beauty became even more attractive … Truth be told, that the Italians know how to age beautifully with age and become only more attractive. Monica Bellucci is not only held the actress, but in the past and successful model, and just a beautiful woman …

It seems that her beauty resilient … And here is the secret of the famous Italian nehitromudry: “When I had children, I did not think about death and did not feel that old. And in the 45 years I have had a second child and realized that in his youth was much stronger physically. But now I feel much better than when I was 20 years old. I am confident and better cope with the problems. I accept myself for who I am, and the fact that perfection does not exist, and therefore does not aspire to it. ” She manages to be a sex symbol for decades. But this femme fatale affects not only the charms of her beauty, but also acquired wisdom.


“I’ll never be skinny. I am by nature a rather lazy. I like to eat. I really – this. And do not intend to become unreal. “


“We belong to no one: neither our husbands or children. We can only something to share with the people we love. “


“Do not hate the people who are jealous because they recognize that you are the best.”


“Every woman likes to be loved.”


“Beauty is really the force, but only if you know how to use it. It’s like having a Ferrari: if you can not ride for real, she’ll to anything. “


“Femininity – a harmony, naturalness and sensuality.”


“Human knowledge has increased significantly in technology – but not in the senses.”


“In my opinion, it’s silly, being young and beautiful, to become the mistress of some rich people, infinitely fast life at parties. Beauty should help us to find harmony, love and meaning in this crazy world. “


“A woman can love as if they will never go away. But there may come a day that she left as if did and did not like. “

“Talking on the purity, jealousy, she did not need it. Because my man – this is my. And though the crash on the wall, it will not be your. Never! “


“The beauty of a woman becomes a problem only in two cases: when it is not, and when there is nothing but beauty.”


“Love is only when there is mutual respect and freedom. The desire to possess another thing like – is absurd. “


“People can forgive a man mind, even talent, but the beauty – never.”


“Beauty becomes lively and interesting when it is hidden clothes.”


“I feel alone with a good and comfortable, but not because I’m beautiful. I know a lot of very nice people, whose life is horrible. And it is very bad with myself. Feel internal comfort – it’s not what you look like in appearance, but how you feel inside. I am a happy person, because experienced a lot of love to yourself – I have a very big family. “


“I’m a good mom. But this does not mean that I am a good girl. I need a risk. “


“We need to be lenient. After all, who are we: madmen, who are trying to keep his balance on the ball, which itself by moving with frightening speed, travels the universe. Who in such circumstances can be perfect? ​​”


“These moments of pleasure in my life – when I eat in the company of his friends.”


“My body means a lot to me … my face, my legs, my hands, my hands, my eyes … everything! And all this I use. “


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