Most Expensive Weddings Dresses

Every girl since childhood dreams of a wedding that can be a memorable moment for her and others too. The following weddings are memorable enough for the reason of their wedding dresses as we present the most expensive wedding dresses ever.

Wedding – is one of the most important days in the life of any woman and, like it or not, and men too. It sometimes happens that a woman is planning for years, this perfect day. The dress becomes a highlight of the entire ceremony. Princess must wear a long dress for the ceremony that symbolizes a long life with your loved one. And so, when it’s your wedding day, women are willing to spend on a wedding dress a lot of money.

Wedding Dress “Bach Ngoc Xiem Y” – 117 000 dollars


They say that Asians – genius. And this applies to wedding dresses too. Asian creature came from Vietnam and is worth 117,000 dollars. This dress is for a strong and stylish woman. It is made of white silk and satin, and studded with 222 diamonds and 100 rubies. This is a true masterpiece! Wedding Dress “Bach Ngoc Xiem Y” exhibited in Hanoi, in the palace of “Ruby Plaza”, Vietnam, and makes every passing by his dream woman.

The wedding dress inlaid with precious stones – 158,874 USD


Once again we can see that the Chinese know a lot about jewelry. This wedding dress created in 2007 and exhibited in the shop window “Shangrao”, Jiangsu Province, China. It took 7 years, and it remains one of the most expensive in the world. Of course, the price of 158,874 dollars sounds a bit shocking, but it explains the fact that the dress bejewele d one of the jewelers in Hong Kong. Sam outfit is made of high quality material and adorned with precious stones, weighing 9999 carats!

Wedding Dress billionaire – $ 200 000


In 2005, businessman Donald Trump married model Melanie Knauss and, of course, as expected, the wedding was more than a luxury. Although the dress appeared simply unsupportable! It took 92 m satin still 4.5 m – on the train, which produced 550 hours! Weight only fee is 23 kg. Now I understand why the bride changed her dress for the first wedding dance. However, the dress from Christian Dior – is not the most expensive purchase at this wedding, for the wedding ring to pay $ 1.5 million.

Wedding Dress Platinum – $ 250 000


2007 was the year of the Chinese wedding dresses! Another creation of Asian artists, which is still considered one of the most expensive wedding dresses in the world. Red oriental style dress is made of platinum, this explains its price. It is exposed in a shop in the Chinese province of Anhui and leaves no one indifferent woman.

Mauro Adami Wedding Dress – 380000 dollars


Dress up the famous Italian designer Mauro Adami made of 40 meters of high grade silk, embroidered with platinum threads. It’s the perfect combination gives the dress a metallic sheen that attracts the eye. The advantage of the dress is considered as embroidery, made by hand. Hours of work and luxurious design are the cause of the high price of the dress.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress – 388088 dollars


On the day of her wedding Kate Middleton looked like a real princess and won the hearts of millions. She was dressed in splendid dress from Alexander McQueen, made of silk Ghazar ivory and white and decorated with French lace, British wedding lace. On the sleeves – handmade lace masters Royal School of needlework. Dress completed 9-meter train, the manufacture of which the designer Sarah Burton and her team took several months of work. Dress decently Duchess of Cambridge!

The wedding dress from the company “Danasha Luxury” – 1.5 million dollars


This splendid dress, as evidenced by the name of the brand! This outfit, for which a woman is ready to die, is the exclusive creation of the design teams “Danasha Luxury” and Jed Ghandur. Stylish, elegant and luxurious dress is decorated by hand with gold pendants 18karatnogo gold weighing 250 grams, inlaid Antwerp and Belgian diamonds weighing 75 carats. Creators claim that their purpose was not just to complement a dress with jewels. They sought to create a masterpiece of high quality materials that it is elegant and nevyzyvayuschim.

The Wedding Dress “Peacock” – $ 1.5 million


Wedding Dress “Peacock” created by the famous and talented designer Vera Wang, and became the main exhibit at the exhibition of wedding dresses in Nanjing, China. Vera Wang – a guru of the modern wedding dress. To perform a masterpiece took two months. It is made manually by eight artists from 2009 peacock feathers and adorned with massive diamonds and 18-carat gold.

White Wedding Dress from Yami Katsura with gold and diamonds – $ 8.5 million


Unique dress, decorated with the most precious stones, worth $ 8.5 million! Yami Katsura, Japanese designer wedding dresses, famous throughout the world. White dress from him – a real masterpiece! It is made of high quality silk and white satin, decorated with white gold and delicate handmade appliques. But it did not make the dress unique. It is decorated with diamonds framed by a 5-carat white gold, emerald weighing 8.8 carats and thousands of high-quality pearls.

Diamond Wedding Dress – $ 12 million

As one might expect, the most expensive dress in the world is made ​​of diamonds. It was created in 2006 by designer Renee Strauss and jeweler Martin Kac. Until now, it is considered the most expensive in the world. The dress is decorated with diamonds weighing 150 carats, veil – with rhinestones. Dress for the first time demonstrated in Ritz-Carlton Marins del Ray, and so far it affects everyone in the world. These outfits and decorations must be appropriate,

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