The Most Unusual Coins from Around the Globe

The list of most happening hobby around the globe is probably topped by the collection of different kind of coins. We all are familiar with coins, since we used to roam around the street in our shorts. Now when we are in our mid age coin exchange is profession for some of us, while for some others its a passion to collect coins. You will find them in all the size and shapes. Some of there appearances are so attractive that everyone, that no one can resist to have staring look at them. I have collected some unusual coins. These unusual and thrilling coins came from different countries of the world. They are all must-see examples of the world’s most bizarre money. Have a look…. Continue reading

Creative and Weirdest Bed Sheets

Everyone lives in different lifestyles, there is one thing that each of us wants to be perfect in our life- the place where we sleep. After a hectic day, everybody wants to relax their body so they move on to bed. Different person can arrange the bed and its surrounding area in different manner. Many people decorate their beds with different theme. Look at some of the weirdest bed sheets listed in this article. I hope you will enjoy these designs of bed sheets. Wouldn’t you buy some of them :) Enjoy :) Continue reading

Black Friday 1

US Biggest Crowds Hit the Stores on Black Friday

The Day after Thanksgiving saw as an immensely important day for US retailers at the Christmas season. Black Friday submit the day on where so many retailers are thinking to go out of red and into the black, which means they are going to start making profits. Black Friday has been blemished by violence, including Walmart stores. In one of the event shoppers used pepper spray to battle off other bargain hunter. So many US stores open every day until Christmas Day. Pictures by Reuters

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Top 10 Odd Stories Of November 2011

Again this month We have a plenty of bizarre events happening, it was a quite difficult task to get hold of the Top 10 of them. The news says whats happening in your North, East, West and South; so this is the most odd stuff happened in all 4 directions. A guy with racist tattoo cleans it off, a rugby team boss being fined 100 pigs etc.. For me this is the most bizarre month in terms of the news. Full of truth but strange !!

Go ahead and read the Top News Of The November 2011.

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Amazing and Beautiful Gardens from Around the Earth

Garden is place allotted for showcasing plants and other things which are part of the nature might also include animals. It is not possible for people to always go to a forest or stop on the roadside to admire a plant or if they feel like spending some time with nature, therefore they have come up with the idea of allocating some space surrounding their abodes to place some trees or plants which they can pamper and take care of, this allotted space is named garden. Garden earlier was only made out of natural materials with some pebbles as fence and few seeds or plants were placed according to an individual’s choice. We’ve made a list 16 amazing and beautiful  garden around the world. Check it out i hope you enjoy a lot and think to visit these gardens.. Continue reading

Tyre Sculptures (29)

Stunning and Unique Art Made Out of Garbage

Using your imaginations and creativity is the most respected and interesting work, but if it is done in some different manner it will surely seek everyone attention. Some people sometimes do such a thing that it leaves everyone surprised and amazed. In this sequence we are introducing you to an art which is not very common. Making Tyre sculpture is unique and interesting in itself. It becomes more appreciated when it is done by using recycled tyres. It shows the peak of imaginatively and creativity of a person. So it is an art raised by using garbage. Here are some amazing and wonderful pictures of this unique art. Just have a look. Continue reading