Abandoned Theme Park Dedicated to the Classic Novel Gulliver’s Travels in Japan

This abandoned theme park is situated 2.5hours out of Tokyo on Mount Fuji, the most loved tourist destination of Japan where more than 25 million tourists come everywhere. Instead of this, the theme park of Gulliver run only for 10 years and was among of the biggest losses of Japan Government. This theme park has now only memories of its glorious days with few of the ruins.  The park was made in the year 1997 by the government and one of the famous banks of Japan. Continue reading

Milla Jovovich was Photographed for an Apocalyptic Calendar (10)

Milla Jovovich was Photographed for an Apocalyptic Calendar of 2012

35-year-old actress and model Milla Jovovich was photographed for the calendar Campari in 2012. Because, as everyone knows, this is the year end of the world, the actress appears on a background of apocalyptic landscapes. Example 12 is lovely fairy-tale images, which worked hard to create a whole team of stylists, led by photographer Dmitry Danillovym. Photo session was called  “This is the end of the world, baby!” Continue reading