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32 Photos you need to see before the World Ends….!!

There hardly a day goes by without someone announcing some apocalypse, end of the world and stuff like that. The Apocalypse is always already upon us. Every year, it seems, a new crop of doom is brought forth. Whatever you do the end is always near just a step behind us. Therefor, here goes a collection of 32 legendary photos you must see before the world ends! Enjoy and so long world!!!! Continue reading

Insects nest

Construction of an Artificial Nest – Must See

People like doing crazy experiments, so i got 1 for you, find it really interesting so thought to show you.. Take a look… In the language of Writer Andrew Deveykin  : A couple of months ago I relocated from their ant has already become close to a spacious nest tubes which made himself. Offer to your attention a report on the construction of large and resettlement. Since the relocation of the ants have doubled their numbers. Take a look of it …really interesting.

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