Bizarre News : Woman Wants to Become World’s Heaviest Person to give birth

Donna Simpson, 42, from New Jersey weighs more than 42 stone and aims to reach 1,000 pounds, or 71st. The mother of two children, aged three and 14, models on a website, where admirers and the curious can pay to watch videos of her eating greasy foods or walking to the car. She has appeared in television interviews and said she welcomes media coverage.

A Guinness World Records spokesman said Miss Simpson has submitted a claim for the title of world’s heaviest woman to give birth, a claim that is being reviewed. Continue reading


Top 10 Funny Pictures of May 2010

Every day there are number of pictures posted on social bookmarking sites, on which social media enthusiasts vote up and comment on it. The number of votes these pictures get are in thousands, which makes that story or image popular on these sites.

Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon are the most popular social bookmarking sites. Today in Odd Stuff Magazine we have selected 10 Most funny pictures of May 2010. Continue reading

Most Amazing and Funny Statues of The World

Statue is a sculpture in the round representing a person or persons, an animal, or an event, normally full-length, as opposed to a bust, and at least close to life-size, or larger. Its primary concern is representational.

Statues are really fun. From a statue of Optimus Prime, to flowing tap water in air, today in Odd Stuff Magazine we are presenting 40+ of the most amazing statues of the world. Continue reading

How to Make Things Work with Alternate Weird Solutions

Do you have an inquiring mind and can you fix things with your weird solutions. This post features some of the most weird ways to clear obstacles, regardless of who you are or what you do.

Common sense if used properly can save your time and you can hope to have a much happier life. Problem solving is one ability that makes us different from animals. Humans are only creatures that can invent new things and solve problems. Continue reading

Bizarre News : Man Tattoos his body with 220 Flags

Body Tattoos is a very popular among youngsters, but a 67 years old Man from India has tattooed his whole body with 220 flags and a world map.

He is so possessed for getting into Guinness Book of World Records that he has changed his first name to Guinness.

With six tattoos of countries – Canada, Union Jack, India, USA, Cyprus and the Indian Congress Party, on his face, Guinness, who changed his name in honour of the famous record book, believes that he will complete his challenge in two years. Continue reading


50 Most Innovative and Weird Pictures of Shopping Bags

Shopping bags are medium sized bags, typically around 10-20 litres (2.5 to 5 gallons) in volume (though much larger versions exist, especially for non-grocery shopping), that are often used by grocery shoppers  to carry home their purchases.

They can be single-use (disposable), used for other purposes (storage, can liners, etc) or designed as reusable shopping bags. Continue reading