Photo Project -Terribly Beautiful (11)

Photo Project -Terribly Beautiful

The idea of ​​this photo essay came up by Kanat Beysekeevu, when one day he saw his girlfriend without makeup and did not recognize her. In the present make-up – is a serious weapon that girls (and not just girls) use on a daily basis. So he decided to look at 10 characters with makeup and without, and compare – how it changes them.So have a look at this interesting project…..

1. Bell, the designer

Photo Project -Terribly Beautiful (10)

- I myself without makeup I do not remember, I use it every day. And I still do not believe that the site will see me without my fighting coloring…


2. Karakoz, housewife

Photo Project -Terribly Beautiful (9)

- After giving birth,Their is much to review in my life. I realized that I can be beautiful just like that, with using make-up tricks…

3. Sam, a stylist

Photo Project -Terribly Beautiful (8)

One of the passions of 19 years Sam is go-go dancing. In this case make-up is really needed.

4. Dinara Isabekov, an expert on SMM iBEC Systems

Photo Project -Terribly Beautiful (7)

- First time I have done makeup in class tenth. Since then, I do it on the odd numbers of the second week of each month, leap year. In a word we can say rarely. Daily make-up consists of a foundation / powder and lip gloss. I do not trust professionals sometimes. Naturalness is above all!


5. Kinisheva Elena

Photo Project -Terribly Beautiful (6)

Kinisheva Elena work in a shoe store, “Intertop.” Her style of makeup is nothing more. she is afraid to experiment, prefer soft and nice makeup. This experience is of her interest, and maybe she follow the advice of a stylist and more…

6. Victoria

Photo Project -Terribly Beautiful (5)

Victoria is the representative of the type of girls that even without make-up does not come out for the bread . The process of applying makeup is a big part of her morning.
–To make the perfect make-up, I have to get up much earlier. For example, if learning begins at 8, I get up at 6. And then, sometimes do it in the car!

7. Olga, a senior flight attendant AirAstana

Photo Project -Terribly Beautiful (4)

- Make-up – this is a art! And that’s why I’m working on the study of make-up. Makeup should be educated, because thanks to him may be to emphasize the dignity of his person. The main focus is on the eyes, no wonder they say that they are a mirror of the soul. When a woman is alone with make-up, it creates your mood. Honestly, my first make-up I did in 15 years. I Stole my mother’s mascara and eyelash, done makeup and went to school, and then, when walking home, washed away, so my mother did not see it…

8. Elmira, a student

Photo Project -Terribly Beautiful (3)

- Uses makeup only for parties and special occasions. I’m not a fan of makeup, so bear with me, then see only this!

9. Pensioner Tatiana

Photo Project -Terribly Beautiful (2)

Pensioner Tatiana uses bright makeup in exceptional cases: only on holidays and major celebrations. In everyday life adheres to the naturalness…

10. Akzere, student

Photo Project -Terribly Beautiful (1)

- I think make-up is the need for the harsh realities for our lives, although the fact that it takes an enormous amount of time it makes me furious. Light tone to the face, mascara on the lashes, a little blush and forward – to capture everyone’s attention!

4 thoughts on “Photo Project -Terribly Beautiful”

  1. I’m getting married in August. And I don’t want to have someone come to the house and do my make up, because I don’t normally wear make up. But the pressure (from me and others) is so huge, I feel really torn… this is a brilliant project. And very interesting particularly since the Daily Fail’s article: (a badly written and all over the place article but highlights some issues all the same: ‘arrogant women who think: I am not vain, or frivolous, I am DEEP. My husband loves me for who I am: naturally gorgeous.’) It’ all very annoying and confusing.

  2. A nice concept, spoiled by the somewhat forced and contrived execution. Please do this again, but properly, without the preaching.

  3. Why not experiment on yourself and see what you want to do. It’s really not rocket science and is unlikely to do any lasting harm if you invest in a mascara and an eyeliner and try on a couple of shades of lip gloss/lipstick…I’m guessing you have ONE friend (and maybe more) who could coach you with the application, so you don’t wind up feeling like you’re looking at a stranger in the mirror. Jeez, have a little fun!

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