Photographer Susana Vera documents the demolition of a gypsy community

1. Photographer Susana Vera documented the demolition of a long-standing gypsy community in Spain over the course of several months.

2. A digger demolishes the home of Agustin Gabarri and Maria Rosario Leston at the Spanish gypsy settlement of Puerta de Hierro

3. Five-year-old Moises Echevarria looks at his family as Spanish riot police prevent them from approaching a bulldozer that is demolishing

4. Erica Escudero recovers her little sister’s shoes from the rubble of her grandparents’ home

5. Maria Rosario Leston and Agustin Gabarri try to salvage what they can from the remains of their house

6. Jesus Gabarri and his cousin Antonio Echevarria sleep on an open truck next to the debris of the house where they used to live

7. Nazareth Duval combs her cousin Yasmin’s hair as their aunt Rosa Gabarri cleans the furniture which she is removing from her parents

8. Covadonga Jimenez hangs out clothes as Angel Duval looks through the debris of what used to be his bedroom after an excavator

9. Maria Rosario Leston tries to get some sleep in a former church after her house was demolished

10. A set of chairs remains among the debris of a house that was demolished