Race for Jaguar

This Sunday, at Tushino Bigpikcha took part in the races Fight Club Jaguar . And although the weather was not very flight and we stopped just one step away from the winners, gathered enough emotion still a couple of weeks ahead.

select the Jaguar Racing

DSC 3552 Jaguar Racing
First of all like to point out the event. And the tent and a buffet and instruction – all was good. Participants not any question that now do, where to go and just do what we all gathered here .

DSC 3553 Jaguar Racing
In the tent were several screens on which the support group they could watch their idols in real time

DSC 3554 Jaguar Racing
And around the Jaguars were one, so the aesthetic pleasure even got people that have no relation to driving cars. Still, Jaguar is Jaguar.

DSC 3556 Jaguar Racing

DSC 3573 Jaguar Racing

DSC 3563 Jaguar Racing
DSC 3582 Jaguar Racing

 The event was well-known journalist – Andrei Leontiev.

DSC 3588 Jaguar Racing
Bigpikchu represented Pasha Nesterov

DSC 3595 Jaguar Racing
Briefing was sometimes harsh, like “to be trifled with jaguars”

DSC 3829 Jaguar Racing

 Participants were offered helmets 3 different sizes

DSC 3818 Jaguar Racing

DSC 3821 Jaguar Racing
By the draw we got the most representative class – XJ Diesel.

DSC 3823 Jaguar Racing
“He said he went and waved his hand”

DSC 3614 Jaguar Racing
As the instructor told us, Anton – “machine accessible from the Old Town Square to the White House.” That is the real representative class.

DSC 3616 Jaguar Racing

DSC 3621 Jaguar Racing

DSC 3644 Jaguar Racing

DSC 3811 Jaguar Racing
In the back seat, we did not sit down, but certainly there and everything is in order. But on the driver’s seat, his head of our pilot (with an increase in 192 cm) rested against the ceiling without a helmet, and yet still had to wear it as well. I had to drop the seat down, recline the seat back and draw back his shoulders. It was uncomfortable – it’s putting it mildly.

DSC 3707 Jaguar Racing
Nevertheless, the car is very dynamic, well-helm, steering without harshness, no problem can go fast.

DSC 3709 Jaguar Racing

DSC 3717 Jaguar Racing

DSC 3747 Jaguar Racing

DSC 3767 Jaguar Racing

DSC 3778 800x532 Jaguar Racing
Banks in the corners are small, the machine’s behavior is predictable. If you had too much speed when entering a corner, the car slides out smoothly, gives time for correction of errors. Perhaps in this situation helps to exchange rate stability.

DSC 3781 Jaguar Racing
The brakes seemed too sensitive

DSC 3774 Jaguar Racing
A little upset gearbox. Thoughtful beyond measure at kikdaune when exiting corners and when you add gas, there is a delay with an increase in thrust. In this situation, perhaps it would be right to go through all the turns under the hood to minimize the number of switchings in the transmission.

DSC 3791 Jaguar Racing
The machine is certainly not to set records in races, but can surprise their capabilities and gives positive emotions in control. Originally a hurried from the big sedan is clearly not expected.

DSC 3645 Jaguar Racing

DSC 3795 Jaguar Racing

DSC 3812 Jaguar Racing

DSC 3813 Jaguar Racing

DSC 3826 Jaguar Racing

DSC 3559 Jaguar Racing
Bigpikcha thanks ilyavaliev and company Jaguar for a great Sunday

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