Strange Facts Of Chocolates??? (2)

Strange Facts Of Chocolates???

Surely, the scientists who conduct extensive research of chocolate were of sweet tooth. Indeed, a favorite delicacy of humanity is very useful. But do not forget that everything is good in moderation. so chocolate lovers check out the amazing strange facts of chocolate and let me know what do you think, please comment below……

1. Chocolate is good for the heart. People who regularly consume chocolate, there risk of heart disease is reduced by 37%.

Strange Facts Of Chocolates??? (1)

2. Chocolate improves mood by increasing the concentration of serotonin in the brain. Studies shows that chocolate is an aphrodisiac.

Strange Facts Of Chocolates??? (2)

3. Chocolate reduces the risk of heart attacks in men by 17%. A positive effect of chocolate has already been mentioned above, but this conclusion was made by researchers after the experiment, in which the men ate 63 grams of chocolate per week for 10 years.

Strange Facts Of Chocolates??? (3)

4. Italian scientists have shown that people who eat a lot of chocolate, have less chances to suffer from dementia in old age.

Strange Facts Of Chocolates??? (4)

5. Chocolate reduces the feeling of hunger.

Strange Facts Of Chocolates??? (5)
6. Chocolate lovers live longer. Study showing that, lasted more than 60 years. Regularly eating chocolate can add years of life.

Strange Facts Of Chocolates??? (6)

7. After a small portion of chocolate people are better in mathematical problems,Ii know this is strange but this is proved by scientists from UK. Many argue that after a few pieces of chocolate they think better.

Strange Facts Of Chocolates??? (7)
8. Scientists have shown that a cup of hot chocolate soothes a sore throat and suppresses body reflex. Many thanks to the children.

Strange Facts Of Chocolates??? (8)

9. According to statistics, in countries where people eat more chocolate were Nobel Prize winners.   Strange Facts Of Chocolates??? (9)

2 thoughts on “Strange Facts Of Chocolates???”

  1. The down side of chocolate is in how it is gathered. Children are used to gather it; many times they are not paid but held at farms to work for free. It seems that there is no guilt-free chocolate after all.

  2. Thhis was really enJoyable information. What a lovely thing chocolate is. May we all enjoy it and live a long happy life. O yes buy more chocolate. I will

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