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You Will Never See This Live: Sculpture of Flying Paint (11)

You Will Never See This Live: Sculpture of Flying Paint

The founders of the studio Floto + Warner photographers Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Vlotho presented a series of bright landscapes Clourant. Photos show the figures frozen in the air spray paints, which we would never have seen with own eyes – photos taken at a speed of 1 to 3200 seconds. Photographers claim that when they were creating pictures photoshop was not used. According to the authors, the essence of the project is to perpetuate the transient and turn our attention to the transience of life.  Continue reading

Happiness of Childhood From Around The World (26)

Happiness of Childhood From Around The World

No matter what the economic situation of our country is going on, kids will always find creative ways to have fun. Their wild fantasies and fairy baby moments captured by talented photographers here created a truly remarkable scene. Here is a selection, we can easily show that childhood can be perfect no matter what country the child grows…

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Wonderful Glowing In Night Trams Budapest (1)

Wonderful Glowing In Night Trams Budapest

Photographers had enough fun with long exposure in Budapest. And the object of their shooting  is amazing city trams decorated 30 thousand LED light bulbs. This garb urban transport on the night streets looked like a time machine. Trams have become one of the latest additions to the decoration fashionable streets in Budapest although there is always something to see. check out the twinkling…. Continue reading

Room Number 107 - Odd Photo series (2)

Room Number 107

Lyndon Wade dynasty of creative advertising photographers The Wade Brothers presents his project “Room 107.” This is a series of photographs of the same hotel room with its various inhabitants. Who just is not there – and the couple, and the elderly, youth and crown, and gangsters. So many different energy and emotion in one place. Have you ever thought about who was their before you in the room? Continue reading

Fabulous Scenery On Women (17)

Fabulous Scenery On Women

John Poppleton – A Great photographer and artist who knows how to show beauty of nature and women, He creates it. Basically specializes in landscapes. However, unlike other artists, he chose not the most common, but definitely one of the most beautiful canvases – the female body. As if that were not enough, he draws fluorescent dyes, so that when the landscape is completed, he photographed it with the “canvas” on a black background, creating a unique, sophisticated and almost divine beauty. Continue reading

Stunning African Sunsets From Paul Goldstein (9)

Stunning African Sunsets From Paul Goldstein

A Wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein spent years trying to take a picture of the perfect start and end of the day in the Masai Mara. This reserve is located on the south-western Kenya, and is named after the Masai tribe – the traditional population of the region – and the Mara River, which divides it. According to Goldstein, the Masai Mara is well known for its best light for photos, as well as the best places to capture the sunrise and sunset. Suggest you look at a small selection of his works. Continue reading