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Tattoo Ideas for Science Lovers

Tattoo is a marking made by inserting dark, indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons.

Tattoos on humans are a type of decorative body modification, while tattoos on animals are most commonly used for identification or branding. Today in Odd Stuff Magazine we are presenting pictures of tattoos which have some element of science involved in it.

Chemistry’s complex structures, Physics theorems, models and many other science related ideas which are commonly seen as tattoos are being presented here.

I hope you will like this collection.



53 thoughts on “Tattoo Ideas for Science Lovers”

  1. Hans, I know for a fact that tattoo #39 belongs to a professor of evolutionary biology, not a pretzel salesman.

  2. @ Han, my bio professor is 29 years of age, she has a bunch of tattoos and a PhD in Biology.

  3. Well I hope none of your bio professors dont have the DNA tattoos as I saw alot of them, or maybe all, lacking minor and major grooves…just saying you will flunk an exam if you dont remember that little fact

  4. A lot of these have nothing to do with science. Not even the Aperture Science logo. (For non-gamers, Aperture Science is a fictional research company/facility in the video game Portal)
    A couple of these looked like they were drawn on with an ink pen.
    Gripes aside, these are pretty neat.

  5. Some of these have nothing to do with science at all. Like half of them. But most are pretty cool. I have a friend who has the formula for finding the gravitational pull of an object tattooed on his forearm.

  6. So, is that supposed to just be a picture of crotch with half a tattoo haphazardly thrown in there?

  7. I have a while forearm tattoo and work with insurance, but thanks for that narrow minded attitude.

  8. For those of you who are curious but want to save time, the one with binary code translates too: peaceful frustration.

  9. Does it bother anybody else that the structure for LSD (the one that looks like it’s drawn with pen onto the bottom of a foot) is incorrect?

    I mean, come on. At least get the structure right.

  10. I have a PhD in molecular biology and teach biochemistry at the local college. I have a forearm tat of glucose mechanism, and a tat of darwin on my other forearm.

  11. I’m a teacher (elementary) with a forearm tattoo – I think people are realizing that tattoos are a form of art, expression, etc. and one can still be a productive member of society, even with ink.

  12. These gave me some great ideas. Namely, getting the chemical structure of THC somewhere.

  13. I’m a Medical Librarian with a full back tattoo and the beginning of a sleeve.

    No Love for Han Solo Mio

  14. I’ve got two large format forearm tattoos, and I still make a pretty good living… banging the high holy hell out of your mother’s face.

  15. I love all people who HAD to respond to make sure it was known that people can have a “real” job if they have a tattoo. Guess the same can’t be said for having a sense of humor. Good job, everyone…

    Oh, and by the way, I’m a rocket surgeon, have 7 PhDs, have been to the moon twice, AND I have a tattoo…

  16. Sooo we can agree that the majority of ‘science lovers’ that decide to get tattoos are the hairy, fat, and pasty ones. Eww

  17. Your tats are way cool. I hope people bother to check on the link. Love the one that looks steampunk. I love tats but until they find a way to do it without stabbing me a zillion times with a needle, it ain’t gonna happen.

  18. The dot and cross diagram for sodium chloride is wrong. NaCl is an ionic compound. Electrons are swapped, not shared.

  19. STFU the sarcasm fish slapped you across the face and you thought it was a kiss from god. OH WAIT! That’s right, you don’t get sarcasm.

  20. Hi I was trawling for reliable knowledge on consumables for grand format printers. Your blog was listed on Bing in this category, you have an informative site.

  21. hey great tattoos im becoming a tattoo artist myself and i noticed that a lot of these (like the first one) arent tattoos. theres also a lot of henna in there and the guy with the muscles and bones is body paint but dont get me wrong they were all great works

  22. …Could some kind person explain to me what a flaming giraffe has to do with science?

  23. Most of these have little or nothing to do with science, unless by science you mean the class in middle school. This article could have been much improved by dividing it into specific sections, like an “artistic licence” category.

  24. Yea. I wondered that too. All the rest I could place, dispite mistakes. But a burning geraffe? You got me.

  25. I’m a student in college and…. Who cares?

    Tattoos are a waste of money and they are ugly. They do not seem like an intelligent investment to me and therefore it almost feels demeaning for a website to suggest these tattoos are good for science lovers. “Hey look dude my arm has this spiral thing on it! I don’t know what it is exactly but it was in my science book with the name “DNA”… I totally love science!” Right.

    Sure it’s my opinion, but if you ask me, it’s a good one.

  26. Excellent trolling, and nice use of capitalization. Last time I checked, English didn’t call for capitalized nouns.

    Marginally literate and obnoxious – what a great combination!

  27. No one asked you. You supplied your own opinion without an invitation. Therefore, college is wasted on you.

    Shut up and mind your own business. Also, take your bad attitude and shove it up your ass.

    And I quote: “Hey look dude my arm has this spiral thing on it! I don’t know what it is exactly but it was in my science book with the name “DNA”… I totally love science!” Right.
    Try maturing, you uppity bitch. All 10 trillion of your cells MUST be retarded. Simply because you cannot comprehend why someone would do something does not make their action stupid, it makes YOU stupid. Try thinking before you speak or type, you may do yourself a favor and make yourself look good once in a while. As it is, your RUDE and ignorant mindset makes me ashamed to share a genus with you. Good luck in life, you’re going to need it.

    Btw… I have 6 tattoos. I’m going to be a biology major. And I just bet that my tattoos get me less negativity than your shitty attitude gets you.

  28. I have a half-sleeve of molecules (20 at the moment) and work as a Chemical Engineer for the alphabet (DHS, DOD, DOE, etc). I make $125k/year. And I’m only 24. Seems like my tattoos aren’t really helping me with the pretzels.

  29. Doc, I would love to see your tattoo’s. I have had a life long passion for both science and the art of tattooing and I would love to create a tattoo that shows my love of science but I am unsure what to get so I am trying to see as many science related tattoos as possible.

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