The Breaking Bad bus tour of Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Breaking Bad bus tour of Albuquerque, New Mexico

1. The hit TV show Breaking Bad has spawned a new industry in the state of New Mexico – Breaking Bad tourism.

2. Breaking Bad fans visiting Albuquerque will find Segway tours that stop at the home of Jessie Pinkman and other downtown locations.

3. Meanwhile, the Candy Lady in Albuquerque’s Old Town sells Meth- rock candy dyed blue to resemble the blue meth made on the show.

4. But the breakout star of Breaking Bad tourism is the BaD Tour, a weekly three-hour open air trolley ride around Walter White.

5. The 34-seat, customised trolley rolls through the gritty Albuquerque landscape of Breaking Bad locations including Twisters fast food.

6. …the Octopus Car Wash (Walt and Skyler’s money laundering operation)…

7. …Walter and Skyler White’s house…

8. …Jesse and Jane’s duplex…

9. …Tuco’s headquarters…

10. …and the Crossroads Motel, which known as the ‘Crystal Motel’ on the show.

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