The most popular video on YouTube – Gangnam Style

The most popular video on YouTube – Gangnam Style

Laid out in July 2012 a video of South Korean singer PSY, viewed by more than 840 million people around the world on you tube. Let’s try to figure out what is the secret of this unpretentious compositions.

1. PSY proved that popular and unique composition can be performed in any language of the world, not necessarily in English, its popularity does not depend on this.

2. A new world full of pop hit in the Korean language, and the phrase «Gangnam Style» is spoken in South Korea and means lavish lifestyle in the affluent district of Seoul, Gangnam.

3. PSY clip filmed without super famous directors.

4. And now, the cartoon style of dancing, imitating like riding horses, captured the whole world.

5. In Gangnam style dance, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

6. And the actor Hugh Jackman …

7. … and a few million people.

8. Experts say that the clip PSY has all the key elements of pop hits, including a simple and catchy melody, however, predicting similar success on the basis of these criteria, is simply impossible.

9. So this song got the worldwide popularity and recorded in the Guinness book, pure accident, as “the perfect storm” of the sea.

10. «Gangnam Style’s» spawned an incredible number of parodies on YouTube.

11. In the history of YouTube, no video has received this much number of “Likes”.

12. PSY now travels with her smash hit around the world.

13. Korean singer takes part in concerts with the magnitude stars like Madonna and has received numerous music awards.

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