Top 10 Boldest Protest Signs

If you want people or government to notice your thinking or feeling then these signs are the perfect way. You can find this below-

1) So how can I purchase the road? –

A warning for the car drivers that  owing the car doesn’t  mean you owe the road too. This road is for bicycle riders too.

You own a car NOT the road

2) My arms are tired –

Now the protester is sick of the protest. He is tired and really wants to sort out the thing . Please listen to him.


Top 10 Boldest Protest Signs3) Gay marriage –

Se*ual orientation varies with people, one should not intervene in the matter. One  should  be made free  to take his own decision .


Top 10 Boldest Protest Signs4) Touché. –

O man, What can you do? Before protesting you should see yourself first.  Faith comes from both the sides not from one.


Top 10 Boldest Protest Signs5) Finally an important issue –

Now the  American get sick of unemployment, so dear president do something otherwise where these man will go?


Top 10 Boldest Protest Signs6) I hate protesters –

He hates protesters but love to be a part of the protest, a convenient way to reflect the feelings.


Top 10 Boldest Protest Signs7)  If i cant marry my boyfriend– 

So what  would you do now? This man is desperate for gay relationship. If wanna protect your daughter then pass the bill of gay marriages.


Top 10 Boldest Protest Signs8) Keep fear alive-

Protests should not be closed if you want to get something. Fear can only sort out the things.

9) Notice noticing noted-

A perfect brain teaser, you get surprised  for a while.

10) Dog hates Dyslexia –

A wonderful protest sign ever seen on the roads. This sign has attracted the attention from all over the world.

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