Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – April 10th 2012

Sales of final Encyclopaedia Britannica…, Germany uses aerial photos…, every single Foxconn job to the United States…, Titanic fascinates…,  All your dreams come true…, Tutting…, dark dinosaur…, John Thayer’s…, Arizona Man Survives…, On the lam…

1. Sales of final Encyclopaedia Britannica print edition soar

It seems that old chestnut about absence making the heart grow fonder is true — at least when it comes to reference books. After announcing in mid-March that it would no longer publish the print edition of its eponymous series, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., was overwhelmed with orders for the final edition and is down to fewer than 800 copies of the $1,395 set.

Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – April 10th 2012

2. A firm in Germany uses aerial photos taken during World War to help determine the location of unexploded ordinance that may be buried underground. Such bombs still pose a major threat today and have killed dozens in the past 20 years.

In 1938, German General Werner von Fritsch made a prediction. “The military with the best photo reconnaissance,” he said, “will win the next war.” Barely six years later, he was proven correct. Between 1940 and 1944, 2.7 million tons of bombs were dropped on Germany and occupied Europe by British and American bombers. Each bombing raid was guided by extensive analysis of aerial photography that was cutting-edge for its time. The effect of each raid was measured by yet more aerial photos.

Photo Gallery: Finding the Explosive Needle in the Haystack

3. “If we brought every single Foxconn job to the United States, it would still fail to restore manufacturing employment back to its 2008 totals.”

What everyone in the world wants is a good job. It’s not love, shelter, security, money, happiness, or freedom, although all of these things may come from holding a job one can appreciate. That’s the conclusion of Jim Clifton’s new book,The Coming Jobs War. But what happens when the good jobs disappear? That’s what the United States and the world are now discovering.


4. Why the Titanic fascinates more than other disasters

It was an eerie night on the North Atlantic. The ocean, which is almost never still, was so calm that some stars could be seen reflected in the water. Thousands of stars curtained the sky — backdrop to the immense human drama taking place.

The Titanic starts off on her first and last voyage, leaving Queenstown, now Cobh, Ireland, on April 10, 1912.

 5. All your dreams come true!

Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – April 10th 2012

6. Round Peg In The Square Hole ( Tutting )

7. Coolest thing you could put on your nation’s currency? How about a glow in the dark dinosaur?

The image of a dinosaur whose remains were discovered in Alberta’s Peace Country will be featured on our newest quarter — the first Canadian coin with a glow-in-the dark picture. The quarter, being released by the Royal Canadian Mint April 16, features Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai, a large herbivore whose bone fragments were discovered by Grande Prairie, Alta., science teacher Al Lakusta in 1974.

Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – April 10th 2012

8. 17 year old John Thayer’s eyewitness account of the Titanic sinking

On April 15, 1912, John B. “Jack” Thayer III was the 17-year-old heir to a Pennsylvania railroad fortune, riding in first class on the most spectacular ship of its era — the Titanic. He barely survived the disaster, and his account of the night riveted salons in the following decades. Finally, in 1940, he wrote down what happened, printing 500 copies for his family. Five years later, after the tragic loss of his son in WWII, Thayer committed suicide, and his story was mostly forgotten.

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 9. Arizona Man Survives After Impaling His Head on a Pool Fence

A man in his early 20s was impaled through the head on Sunday climbing over a pool fence in Mesa, Arizona. The unnamed man fell directly onto the metal tip of the fence and impaled his lower jaw while climbing over the fence at around 3:30 p.m local time at an apartment complex in the city center, Mesa Fire Department.spokesman Randall Roether said, according to CBS5AZ news station.

An Arizona man impaled himself through the head while trying to climb over this pool fence.

10. On the lam? Be sure to update your status!

A 26-year-old Washington state man who has eluded an extensive police search has been making time to update his Facebook page as authorities continue their efforts to catch him. His first day on the run, one friend of Travis A. Nicolaysen posted to his account: “Cops all over you.” Nicolaysen responded the next day with: “ya got away thanks bro.”

Wash. man on the run finds time to update Facebook

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