Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – April 19th 2012

Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – April 19th 2012

Six year old pays off father’s $10,000 medical bill…, James Cameron got it right in ‘Titanic’…, half of all British adults send ‘s*xts’.., Pilot sends plane into dive…, re-brand bottled water as unfashionable…, How to remove frozen-solid cows from a mountain cabin…., a piercing booth and piercing a woman’s nose and lip…, Incredible High Speed Photographs…, Woman charged with murder in baby’s abduction…, To Protest Budget Cuts, Museum Torches Art…

1. Six year old pays off father’s $10,000 medical bill with lemonade stand

Young Drew Cox knows how to make lemonade out of lemons – and then some. The 6-year-old Gladewater, Texas, boy reportedly took in more than $10,000 in one day at a lemonade stand he set up to raise money for his sick dad.

2. Looking at these photos..James Cameron got it right in ‘Titanic’ [50+ pics hi-rez]

3. Nearly half of all British adults send ‘s*xts’, study reveals

A new study has revealed that one out of nine English people send s*xts to their partner. Other statistics show that 47 percent of adults send s*xts (s*xy texts) to their partner.

4. Pilot sends plane into dive after mistaking Venus for oncoming plane 

It’s happened to most of us. We suddenly wake up and find ourselves disoriented, wondering where we are, and possibly mistaking a light in the distance for something completely different. Usually it’s no big deal — you shake it off, wake up and move on.

5. Which may in fact be the best way to change public behavior: re-brand bottled water as unfashionable. Because it was nothing but truly brilliant marketing that persuaded us to buy it in the first place.

It’s just so easy. Waiting for the bus to work. Heading to a sunny park in the summer. Getting ready to sit in an airport for three futile hours. It’s all too easy to grab a bottle of water – it’s cheap, it’s cold and clean and it won’t rot your teeth. For many of us it has become the beverage of choice – it seems to make perfect sense.

6. Dynamite is Always the Answer: How to remove frozen-solid cows from a mountain cabin.

The cows in question are reported to be part of a herd of 29 cows that went missing last fall. At least six of the cows found their way into a secluded cabin, but were then unable to get out.

cows snow

7. Just Because She Asks About Hers, It Doesn’t Mean You Should Show Her Yours

On April 5, Virgil Joseph Madrid, 40, was in a piercing booth and piercing a woman’s nose and lip when she asked about a genital piercing, a police document filed with the court said.

Virgil Joseph Madrid

 8. Incredible High Speed Photographs Made From Music

German artist Markus Reugels specializes in high-speed and macro photography. By isolating the basslines from techno tracks, Markus captured these incredible (and brief) moments of explosive colour. He accomplishes this feat by the following methodology:

9. Woman charged with murder in baby’s abduction

While Kala Golden Schuchardt’s family was struggling to come to terms with her seemingly random slaying in a parking lot outside a doctor’s office, authorities Wednesday began piecing together the story of her accused killer, a 30-year-old vocational nurse who inexplicably sought to add to her family by stealing a baby – any baby – and was willing to kill to get it.

Kala Golden Schuchardt, slain Wednesday, was married to Keith Schuchardt. The couple cared for his two children, above, and their baby. (Family photo) Photo: Johnny Hanson / © 2012  Houston Chronicle

10. To Protest Budget Cuts, Museum Torches Art – It calls burnings ‘political, necessary, and compelling’ 

An Italian art museum is so mad about the budget cuts coming its way that it has begun burning art works in protest. The Casoria Contemporary Art Museum’s eccentric director, Antonio Manfredi, set fire to a painting by French Artist Severine Bourguignon yesterday, the BBC reports, and let it burn until it was completely destroyed. He’s promising to do the same thing to three paintings a week until funding improves, in a protest he’s dubbed “Art War.”

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