Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – March 1st 2012

Against Big Bird…, 30 Dr. Seuss Quotes…, world record for longest throw of a paper airplane…, burning down 3,500-year-old tree…, Guerrilla Tree Sculptor …, Optimist Club…, Companies track us online…, Website Turns Heartbreak Into Cash…, Prepare for apocalypse…, Meet the three teenage sisters who hate Twilight and perform exorcisms…

1. Against Big Bird, The Gods Themselves Contend In Vain

I was a hard-core Sesame Street viewer from about 1979 to 1984, and my memories of the show are the sort of deep nostalgic tangle you’d expect, with a great deal of idiosyncratic noise blended into the signal. So, for many years, I carried around a vague but emotionally vivid recollection of a Sesame Street episode in which Big Bird and Snuffleupagus had witnessed the the passage of a soul to the ancient Egyptian afterlife, complete with the weighing of the human heart against a feather. I shit you not.

Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – March 1st 2012

2. 30 Dr. Seuss Quotes to Live By [Infographic]

“A person’s a person, no matter how small.” “There is no one alive who is youer than you.” “Oh the places you’ll go!” Who doesn’t remember a Dr. Seuss line from one of his many delightful children’s books? For decades, parents have been reading Theador “Ted” Geisel—more commonly known to book and rhyming word lovers as Dr. Seuss—to their children. Dr. Seuss, whose birthdate is believed to be March 2, 1904, has touched the lives of millions of children and adults worldwide. Not bad for someone who dropped out of college and whose Dr. title was honorary.

Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – March 1st 2012

3. The world record for longest throw of a paper airplane has been broken.

Joe Ayoob throws a John Collins design, officially breaking the world record by 19 feet, 6 inches. The new world record, once verified by Guinness, will be 226 feet, 10 inches. The current record is 207 feet and 4 inches set by Stephen Kreiger in 2003.

Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – March 1st 2012

4. Woman admits to burning down 3,500-year-old tree while smoking meth 

A woman was arrested for burning down a historicSeminole County tree named The Senator, and only WFTV reporter Mary Nguyen was at the scene. The historic cypress tree, believed to be thousands of years old, was destroyed in a fire on Jan. 16.

Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – March 1st 2012

5. Guerrilla Tree Sculptor Takes Over UK Town

The wooded area around the UK town of Knaresborough, North Yorkshire has fallen pray to some amazing guerrilla art as of late. For weeks, residents were stumped as to who carved these amazing pieces of work into near by trees. Clearly they were the handy work of a professional sculptor.

Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – March 1st 2012

6. Optimist Club

Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – March 1st 2012

7. How Google and hundreds of other companies track us online: Who are these companies and what do they want? A voyage into the invisible business that funds the web

This morning, if you opened your browser, an amazing thing happened in the milliseconds between your click and when the news about North Korea and James Murdoch appeared on your screen. Data from this single visit was sent to 10 different companies, including Microsoft and Google subsidiaries, a gaggle of traffic-logging sites, and other, smaller ad firms. Nearly instantaneously, these companies can log your visit, place ads tailored for your eyes specifically, and add to the ever-growing online file about you.happydude_615.jpg

8. Website Turns Heartbreak Into Cash

Breaking up is never easy, but a new website is turning heartbreak into cold hard cash. Gifts from significant others take on a special meaning, but when that special someone becomes an ex, is there.

Annabel Acton and her ex broke up five days before Christmas, and she was left holding plane tickets. She started a website that turns heartbreak into cash. Kim Baldonado has details.

9. Wyoming narrowly defeats measure to prepare for apocalypse

In a sign of rising consumer confidence prevailing over go-it-alone pessimism in the Cowboy State, Wyoming lawmakers on Tuesday narrowly defeated a “doomsday bill” to help the state prepare for a total collapse of the U.S. government and economy.


10. Meet the three teenage daughters of Reverend Bob Larson… who hate Twilight and perform exorcisms

Most teenagers are proud to go into the family business, be it working the store that’s been around for generations or taking over a law practise. But Rev Bob Larson’s teenage girls have gone into a more peculiar trade – expelling demons from those possessed. The reverend, who himself has claimed to have exorcised more than 15,000 demons, says he passed down his knowledge to his three teenage daughters and showed them the extraordinary process of liaising with demonic influences and ridding them from a human body.

Moved to act: The sisters say they were compelled to become demon casters when they saw how much evil they caused

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