Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – May 17th, 2012

Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – May 17th, 2012

Common Birthday dates…, 9 Dating Websites…, Students place sticky notes…, elves saved his life …, Russian National Anthem…, DUI Mom hit 100 mph…,  stealing school’s prom funds…, rapper Y-Love comes out of the closet…., Apartment in NY sells for $52.5 million…, Majesty…

1. How common is your birthday?

2. 9 Dating Websites Geared Toward Your Ridiculously Specific Tastes

As the saying goes, “there’s someone for everyone.” While some of us are lucky enough to meet the love of our life at work, at a bar, or through mutual friends, others have to look a little harder to find that special someone. Fortunately, we live in a technological age, in which romance is just a click away. No matter who you are or what you’re into, there’s sure to be a dating site geared toward your remarkably specific tastes.

3. Students place sticky notes throughout school as a senior prank. Does the principal a) share a good laugh with the students, b) kndly ask the students to remove sticky notes, or c) suspend 40+ students and fire the janitor?

More than 50 students who were suspended after a prank involving more than 11,000 sticky notes at a Hendricks County high school had their punishment reversed or reduced tonight after school officials met with students and parents, one of the involved parents said.

4. Icelandic politician believes elves saved his life in auto accident. In gratitude, moves their 30 ton boulder home onto his property to give them a nice place to live with a view.

After surviving an automobile accident unscathed in 2010, Icelandic Member of Parliament Árni Johnsen attributed his good fortune to a family of “hidden people” who lived in a boulder near his car wreck.

5. Dogs Sing Russian National Anthem (Video)

Now, we admit that our knowledge of Russian traditions is pretty minimal. But after this eye-opening video, we’re keen to know much more. It appears as if the dog population of Russia find themselves compelled to sing along to the national anthem whenever it’s played.

 6. DUI Mom hit 100 mph trying to make child’s party

First there was the case of the man speeding at 104 mph with two kids in tow because they were late for a youth soccer game. Now, here’s the story of a woman allegedly driving drunk at 100 mph because she was late to her child’s birthday party.

7. Former teacher charged with stealing school’s prom funds

A former Lakota Local School District teacher was charged with misdemeanor theft Monday for allegedly taking prom money from students. Heather Schoell-Schroeder, 45, of Liberty Twp., and her attorney met with Butler County sheriff’s detectives and was served with a summons for theft of cash under $1,000, according the sheriff’s office. She is scheduled to appear next month in Butler County Area II Court in Hamilton.

8. Taking Sammy Davis Jr. to the next level. Black Jewish rapper Y-Love comes out of the closet.

n a move that he admits could cost him some fans, New York rapper Yitz “Y-Love” Jordan, considered “the first black Jewish MC,” has come out publicly as a gay man of color. “I feel like I have wasted years of my life worrying that my ‘public reputation’ will be negatively impacted by my identity,” Jordan said in a statement. “Now that I’m over 30, I simply can’t care as much about what people think, despite the prospect of alienating the community I dedicated my life to as an artist and a man. My hope is it will open their eyes – and hearts.”

 9. Apartment in NY sells for $52.5 million — sets record for most expensive Co-op in NY

Billionaire investor Howard Marks and his wife Nancy are new owners of a sprawling 30-room apartment at 740 Park Avenue. The couple paid $52.5 million for the pricey property, breaking the New York City record for most expensive co-op. At the 8-bedroom, 10-bathroom, six-terrace pad, The Marks will be new neighbors with other one percenters. From The New York Daily News:

10. Majesty

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