Top 10 Videos of the Day – June 27th 2012

Top 10 Videos of the Day – June 27th 2012

1. Exam Paper – Lotto Instant Kiwi Commercial

2. The do’s and don’ts of expanding foam

3. Thomas Middleditch’s Disgusting Dub Step Drop

4. NEW FOUR HAND GUITAR! Katy Perry. Firework. Four-Handed Guitar Version

5. Fun with ultracapacitors!!

6.Screwed at the Pump

7. Mathematically Correct Breakfast

8. Rollin’ Dough – Lafa Taylor – Music Video / Film

9. TFS Abridged Parody Episode 30 (Part 3 of 3) SEASON FINALE

10. The Other Guys – Lion Versus Tuna


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