Top Video of the Day – December 09, 2014

This idea needs more attention.. Imagine what it could do for people in Wheelchairs.

Famous chef and mentor of Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White, shows the standard method of finely chopping an onion and his own, far superior method. Oddly satisfying to watch.

Liam Neeson is a funny guy… This is genuinely one of my favourite performances by him.

This happened at a friends house. Don’t worry the dog is fine.

Magic scarf.

My dog Sirius Black isn’t exactly living up to his namesake

Walking on clean ice in Slovakian mountains

This is what high school looked like in 1976.

Steve Wozniak sets up an Apple

AMAZING Xmas Light Show. A neighborhood agreed to setup their lights together. This is the result.

I’m Empty – A Swiss video about how depression affects the lives of many people without anyone knowing.

An Impossible Bet

Dude catches 12 pound, 70 year old Lobster

The first video I ever favorited on youtube. Circa: 2006. “Holy Cow I am totally going so fast! Aww Fuck!”

JJ Watt jumping from the ground onto a 55 inch high box

China Bans The Pun

Man spends a decade carving out sculptures in the walls of a New Mexican sandstone cave.

Deranged Penguin – Encounters at the end of the world

Katniss & Peeta perform their debut single ‘Choo Choo Go’ as OBSIDIOTS. Hilarious and surprisingly catchy.

It’s Finally Here! “End of the Line” the most anticipated TF2 animation!

Remember, remember, the fifth of November

All units, suspect is driving a black Chevrolet carpmaro.

This is a amazingly morbid cgi short film.

This is water – I watch it to cheer myself up..

Audience of the Boston Symphony learn of the JFK assasination

Passing Through : Nikola Tesla – Noone will ever know the full extent Tesla’s perspective

Psycho Mall Walker

Little girl puts Gaston in his place

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