Top Video of the Day – December 29, 2014

Just for Laughs Thug – Thug Life

Thug Life

Scottish tourists crash a hot air balloon in china, have the time of their lives

Melting Cans With The Mini Metal Foundry

Quake on an oscilloscope

Super Sayian 3 in a Mall Hurricane Simulator [Fixed]

Guy can get through jail cell door with ease

James May clearning up the Top Gear number plates kerfuffle in Argentina

Grandmother’s Reaction to Getting an “iPhone”

Sexy Sax Man never fails to brighten my day. Happy Monday everyone!

Strangely mesmerizing video of incredibly difficult Counter Strike surf map

Hockey players and coaches are notorious for ‘chirping’, or trash talking, this video illustrates it perfectly.

My dog Kibo (the Shiba Inu) has a minor freakout every time I feed him

Adult acting like grade school bully

Undercover Boss Rewards Waitress With a Boob Job

This guy built a replica of a McLaren F1 that actually looks decent, complete with a Top Gear influenced “Hammond seat”

Guy beat-boxes to a goat

Why Britain doesn’t have rabies

Virgin Atlantic Flight 43 Boeing 747 Emergency Landing

HRH King Harald V of Norway trolling his wife

My friend goes home every weekend to be with his family, and loves being there for his little sister – I just discovered his youtube channel and found out what an awesome brother he is!

Clip of Nicki Minaj acting in High School

Meanwhile in Russia…

My friend was walking through Austin when a man approached him and said “I don’t want no handouts. I’m gonna do something for you.”

Guy bowls 300 in PBA Semi-Final. Only the 24th person to bowl a perfect game on TV

Alton Brown on Craig Ferguson

Swimming with a Giant Octopus.

Disability Sensitivity Training Video

I’m not good at creating titles but you need to watch this man work his (semi)-drunken kitchen magic

Insurgents filming airstrike on their own position

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