Top Video of the Day – November 27, 2014

And this is why I don’t watch CSI anymore

Responsi-Damn-bility (repost, linked to owner of content so he can benefit)

Women drivers on GTA V

A golden retriever and her puppies

In Ferguson, what officers are really facing. Watch as the crowd threatens and surrounds them.

Don’t you miss the days MXC was still on the air?

Elders playing COD while having their mic on. It’s hilarious (6:40)

Louis CK explains why historical context matters, and why things aren’t great just because slavery and segregation are over.

Scumbags defend person who robbed a store with a gun

Craig Ferguson figured out why people want to be young and stupid

Checking fuel level in tanker with a lighter

Crazy guy climbing a huge chimney

Interrupting Sheep

Creepy TSA hologram tells passengers what to expect.

Electric Bug Zapper in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

6 year old Chechen kid showing off his boxing skills

Flight Attendant Robynn Shayne breaks out “Royals”

I could watch her dance all day

Flight Attendant Robynn Shayne breaks out “Royals”

Jimmy Fallon’s SNL Audition

On the last episode of Dragonball Z

Create Your Own Cult (Creepy and Eye-opening)

Ferguson : Female Store Owner Bravely Protects Her Store From Violent Looters

I was filming some of the Ferguson Protests for the past two nights. Here’s some raw footage from last night.

Broscience- All Protein Thanksgiving

Rat Toothbrush

beluga whales singing and one that cant sing lol

Useless toilet paper machine (x-post form /r/shittyrobots)

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