Underwater Love, A Unique Photo Series….

Underwater Love, A Unique Photo Series….

“The disappointed  gap” – It is an emotional love story from photographer Heather Landis. Photographer from Los Angeles found many unique and creative ways to show intimate details of relationships, which are transmitted through the motions, gestures, and physical contact between a man and a woman. Landis is incredibly talented in the demonstration of these details. it can be seen in his series of photographs in which viewers can watch different emotions, with expression on their faces.

1. With these images, Landis takes us into an emotional journey in which we experience the beginning, a rapid process, and then the end of the relationship between two lovers….

 2. Visual record starts with delight of new love and gradually evolves into sadness and loneliness that often accompany a broken heart.

 3. A rich palette of blues and browns, and dark background to create an emotional environment of intense emotions.

4. “Before you fall in love, we always carefully examine each other,” – said by Landis.

 5. Our every gesture conveys a special meaning.

 6. we study the contradictions , but at the same time prevent the development of relations. And slowly, gracefully we hold the breath. “.


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