Unusual Sculptures of Oil

Unusual sculpture, the material used is the usual butter, created by American sculptor Jim Victor.

Sculptures of Oil (1)

Work with such material rather very difficult, because the oil tend to melt, therefore, to avoid such troubles, the sculptor to work in the studio, where the temperature will not exceed thirteen degrees.

Sculptures of Oil (2)

The greatest difficulty arises to Jim during manufacture of small parts because the oil is very soft, but the larger sculptures, on the contrary, make it much easier.

Sculptures of Oil (3)

Jim Victor says that working with oil like creating sculptures of clay, lots of time required for the production of sculpture, largely depends on its size, and, of course, complexities.

Sculptures of Oil (4)

Engage in the manufacture of oil sculptures , as they say, they made life. Sculptor not hide the fact that this business is increasingly a source of income, rather than call the soul.

Sculptures of Oil (5)

At the initial stage of his work, Jim Victor preference for traditional materials, such as bronze or wood, but the result of his work was interested only connoisseurs of art that did not satisfy his financial needs.

Sculptures of Oil (6)

Since oil  sculptures are reversed. Despite the fact that this work generated by little enthusiasm, but bring real money.

Sculptures of Oil (7)

Based on customer requirements,he determined and subjects sculptures. In most cases, Jim had to create pigs, sheep, cows, in general, all that is closely associated with life on the farm.

Sculptures of Oil (8)

Sculptures of Oil (9)

Yet there are exceptions when the master has to work on the production of human sculpture, a car or even a ship.

Sculptures of Oil (10)

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