15 Weird Diseases

Healthy person has a million wishes, a sick one only one. Unfortunately, for these people, even the wishes won’t help. You can feel a little bit luckier after looking at this. Enjoy your life as much as you can do.

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15 thoughts on “15 Weird Diseases”

  1. The picture of the eye titled Lamprey Disease is Photo shopped.  There is no such disease.  A lamprey is a water-bound parasite that latches on to fish.  The mouth of the lamprey is edited into the photo of the man replacing his eye.  Internet hoax that has been around for quite sometime.

  2. trichotillomania is not a disease assholes. Its a obsessive compulsion disorder. Nice try though.

  3. 2 things..
    1. Lamprey Disease isn’t a real thing.
    2. Trichotillomania is not a disease, it’s a mental disorder caused by stress.

  4. So then that must mean that Schizophrenia isnt a disease either?? Both fall under the DSM-IV categorisation of mental or psychological disorder/disease…

  5. There Is No Such Disease as LAMPREY DISEASE. It is not a real disease; a lamprey is a water-bound parasite that latches on to fishes. The picture on the Internet – with a guy who has a mouth as his eye – is actually just a lamprey’s mouth Photoshopped into his eye socket.It’s not a real disease

  6. The DSM in DSM-IV stands for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental DISORDERS.

    How would either Schizophrenia or Trichotillomania be a disease? I think you are confusing disorder with disease.

  7. Maybe it’s because I have it, but I don’t consider trichotillomania to be weird. Or any of these, for that matter; “rare,” sure, but then again, I might be more empathetic and politically correct when it comes to syntax because I have an affliction that most do not have.

    That said, while most of these are certainly rare–except Lamprey’s, it’s fake and photoshopped, as someone mentioned–trichotillomania is not. It affects 3-5% of the population, and that’s not including the percentage of compulsive skin-pickers (dermotillomania) who are believed to have the same basic condition.

    Long story short, I’m not offended–I know people without TTM find it “weird” that I pull out my hair–but I don’t think it deserves to be in this list. It affects WAY more people than these other conditions.

  8. It is weird and it is strange and it is not a disease. It is an aberration which in no way enhances one’s survival. You should stop doing it.

  9. mental disorder, otherwise known as a mental illness; illness, otherwise known as disease, OCD is bullshite anyway.

  10. How DARE you say that you ignorant little shit. Do you suffer with it? No. Trust me, it is very real when you have it. Go to a library and enlighten yourself instead of wasting oxygen on being a cyberdick.

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  12. Hey, calm down Iain. Don’t go around calling people a “cyberdick” if you’re going to be a hypocrite about it. Two wrongs don’t make a right. You could have easily said that without insulting that person.

  13. Neurofibromotosis is a disorder, not a disease. It is not rare, in fact it is quite common. More common than MS and CF combined. i in ever 2500 people are born with this disorder, about half of which are the results of a spontaneous mutation of the gene. The man in this picture is badly affected by it.Being that badly covered in fibromas is uncommon. Most people with NF go their whole lives not even knowing they have it. I really wish people who post this stuff would know what they are talking about before posting. If you want to know more about NF go to CTF.org ad it is the only site to get accurate information and not horror stories.

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