Weird Landscapes of Rotten Fruit and Vegetables

Weird Landscapes of Rotten Fruit and Vegetables

38-year-old Estonian artist Haikko Leis has created a series of landscapes not of this world, which he called “Hereafter.” And he used to create these amazing scenery – only on rotten fruit and vegetables. its little weird but interesting and unique…

1. Beets

2. “” To create these masterpieces, Artist left Materials in the open air for up to two months, watching as they slowly break down and rot, creating an eerie beautiful scenery. In the photo: Rutabaga.

3.  Using a macrophotography for detailed photos of these products, Lacy manages to give them a second life in the form of photographs. In the photo: Potatoes.

 4. Beets. 

  5.  Pumpkin.

 6. Beets.

 7. Swede.

  8. Beets.

 9. Beets.

 10. Corn .

 11. Potatoes. 

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