What’s that present under the Christmas tree?

1. X-rays of Christmas presents provide a sneak peek of what’s in Santa’s sack this year. It’s every child’s wish to know what gifts are lying wrapped under the Christmas tree.

2. British Institute of Radiology artist in residence Hugh Turvey from London created coloured X-ray images of popular gifts.

3. “I thought to myself – haven’t we all guessed and speculated over what we were getting in our presents?

4. “I was also curious to see how much the packaging accounted for the overall volume of the presents.

5. “I have been working with X-rays for over 20 years and never get tired of seeing things I shouldn’t.

6. A pair of slippers

7. A bracelet in a gift box

8. A pair of socks in a gift box

9. A necklace in a gift box

10. A toy helicopter