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Workers wear panda costumes smeared with urine to release cub into the wild

1. A keeper wearing a panda suit picks up young panda Tao Tao. A captive baby panda that has never seen a human face since being born will soon be released back into the wild.

2. The costumes are smeared with panda urine and faeces to mask any trace of  human smells.

3. Tao Tao was born in 2010 at a panda wild training base in Wolong, southwest China’s Sichuan Province.

4. Tao Tao at one month old on August 29, 2010

5. When he was six months old he and his mother Cao Cao were moved into a large mountainous area for intensive wild habitat training.

6. When that was a success the pair were moved to an even wilder area where they had more freedom.

7. Tao Tao and his mother were monitored closely from a distance throughout the process.

8. Keepers now plan to release Tao Tao fully into the wild in November.

9. While Tao Tao will be the first to ‘graduate’ from the programme, there are a number of other pandas.

10. Jin Zhu and her cub (in a covered cage) are carried to a new wild training area.

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