World's Smallest baby

World Smallest Things.

Here is the compiled list of the smallest things in the work both natural and man-made which should fascinate you for sure.


The world’s smallest working revolver.

The world’s smallest fish

The world’s smallest teddy bear

The world’s smallest horse

The world’s smallest dog

The world’s smallest burger

The world’s smallest baby.

The world’s smallest teapot.

The world’s smallest lizard

The world’s smallest work of art.
World’s Smallest Waist , Cathie Jung’s waist is 15 inches.
World’s Smallest Girl
World’s Smallest Camera

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29 thoughts on “World Smallest Things.”

  1. Hey, buddy. Whether it was a positive shit, negative shit or ambivalent shit, you took enough time to give one.

    I enjoyed myself at least. 

  2. Worlds smallest piece of art is a guitar made by electron beam lithography that can only be seen with an electron microscope

  3. This post just seems to have degraded into lower levels of subhuman babble as we scroll further down the line.  

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