Apr 21, 2014

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World Smallest Things.

Here is the compiled list of the smallest things in the work both natural and man-made which should fascinate you for sure.


The world’s smallest working revolver.

The world’s smallest fish

The world’s smallest teddy bear

The world’s smallest horse

The world’s smallest dog

The world’s smallest burger

The world’s smallest baby.

The world’s smallest teapot.

The world’s smallest lizard

The world’s smallest work of art.
World’s Smallest Waist , Cathie Jung’s waist is 15 inches.
World’s Smallest Girl
World’s Smallest Camera

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29 Responses to World Smallest Things.

  1. The world’s smallest dog looks crazy!

  2. why stumble... why says:

    the worlds smallest collection of people who give a shit

  3. Hank says:

    Whoa those baby feet are kinda creepy

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  4. Jimmy says:

    Worlds smallest piece of art is a guitar made by electron beam lithography that can only be seen with an electron microscope

  5. Btaylor says:

    I LOVE YOU! :D

  6. jimsing59 says:

    Are these real or just photoshop on a computer?

  7. hellz yes says:

    The worlds smallest collection of people who give a shit – Lmfao

  8. Beastied42 says:

    The worlds smallest girl has the worlds biggest smile.

  9. Brent Chance says:

    worlds smallest dick?

  10. Lily says:

    That smallest art work is crazy. How would you even make something so tiny?

  11. Randomap says:

    smallest work of art is actually a painting on a grain of rice

  12. Arlene Mcbearson says:

    Smallest waist, where are your organs?

  13. Sashaorason says:

    Didn’t mean to come across the smallest

  14. Loved the  smallest dog in the world. he is really cute.

  15. Jordan_oetelaar says:

    nigger dicks up my butt

  16. Micro-weapons.com says:

    Don’t forget the smallest Chinese repeating crossbows at http://www.micro-weapons.com

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