5 Worst of the Worst Airports Around the World

In addition to the ultra-modern airport, designed by the best architects of our time, in a world where there are many more simple, old and even dangerous air terminals. However, they are not always found somewhere in the remote corners of the planet. In this review, we will tell about 5 really bad airports from around the world.

Airport Ossora, Kamchatka Krai, Russia

On the outer reaches of Russia is a lot of settlements, which can be reached only by air. So is the village Ossora in Kamchatka, which boasts one of the worst airports in the world.


In appearance Ossora airport building looks more like a small grocery store or a country club, built of wood many decades ago. And, indeed, this building was erected in 1968, and since then has never been subjected to any significant repair.


Ossora airport has no international code. In this locality rare fly flights from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and the Kamchatka small village Tilichiki. Ossora passenger traffic in 2014 amounted to 8418 people.


Airport Barra, Scotland, United Kingdom

Barra Airport on Hebrides in Scotland stands out from other similar objects thanks to its unique runway, which is laid not on asphalt and concrete, and the sand on the beach. At the same time most of the day, this area is under water at all, and is exposed for only a few hours a day at low tide.


The work of the airport did not depend on the wind direction at the beach area marked out three runways.In the evening and during the night this place is not working, but there have been cases of emergency landing on it in the dark. To light aircraft landing place, the inhabitants of the island of Barra lit strip headlights of their cars.


Gibraltar Airport

In the British colony of Gibraltar can often encounter situations when the cars stopped at a red light at an intersection to … miss going to take off or landing.


The fact that the territory of Gibraltar is very small, which is aggravated by the huge mountain that rises up right in the center of the peninsula. So for the construction of the airport authorities of the colony were forced to close the runway isthmus on which Gibraltar provides a ground connection to the outside world, with Spain.


So after runway Gibraltar airport is undergoing one of the city streets with heavy traffic. This transport artery forced to overlap several times a day to take or send another plane.


Airport Ghanzi, Botswana

City Ghanzi in Botswana is experiencing exactly the opposite problem, compared with Gibraltar. In the surroundings of the village there is a large amount of free space, but the local authorities is absolutely no money to build high-quality terminal at the airport. That is why tourists who often arrive in Ghanzi, for many years wondering current airport building in the village, equipped with a construction trailers.


Airport Seimchan, Magadan Oblast, Russia

Airport Seimchan village in the Magadan region of Russia has a glorious history. It was built in 1942 to become one of the intermediate points for the distillation of US aircraft in the USSR under the Lend-Lease program, when the United States helped our country goods and weapons.




For fifty years, this airport was in full swing active life, it was used as a passenger aircraft, and military, scientific and industrial purposes. However, in 1992, with the collapse of the USSR, the object began to fall into disrepair.


Now the airport Seimchan receives and sends rare air flights to Magadan. There are plans to assign let dilapidated, but impressive and unusual building of transport infrastructure status of the monument of history.

worst airport in the world

This may look like a paradox, but in the last few years, the worst airport in the world recognizes not one of the above airports, and the main airport of France – the famous Charles de Gaulle.


Claims to the main airport in the French capital set. For example, passengers are dissatisfied with the quality of service in it, huge queues even where this phenomenon is hard to imagine bad lounges with uncomfortable seats, low level of public catering establishments, an insufficient number of toilets and many other shortcomings.


Special attention should be the structure of the airport. At this point, the object is made up of eight terminals that are numbered and in a strange way, but because it often takes cases where passengers are late for their flights, lost inside the airport.


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