Your Icecream Will Glow in The Dark, Will Cost You $200 a Scoop

British inventors have come up with glow-in-the-dark ice cream made with a synthesized protein that gives jellyfish their luminescence.

“British inventors made an ice cream that glows in the dark. The ice cream gets its green sheen from a synthesized protein that makes jellyfish glow.”

Lick Me I’m Delicious is the company behind the concoction. Its main developer, Charlie Francis, had a more in-depth explanation of how the glowing ice cream works, saying: “The protein we are using in the ice cream reacts with your tongue at neutral pH. So as your mouth warms up the protein it will raise the pH level and the ice cream will glow.” (Via Metro)

And the more you lick it, the brighter it gets. But there’s a catch — an expensive one.

The luminescent treat costs more than $200 a scoop. So chances are slim you’ll be seeing it at your local ice cream shop anytime soon. (Via General Mills)