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funny wet cats

Incredibly Funny Pics Of Wet Cats

Cats, of course, are very beautiful and graceful animals. And thanks to “kotomanii” on the Internet, in their image she added some important and sometimes menacing features – not without the help of various cats, “colonels”, “gloomy” cats and other popular characters .
Now is the moment revelations: Cats can also look very silly and ridiculous, but only in one situation – during water treatment. hahaha have a look….

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Stunning Statues Of The World (3)

Awesome Statues & Sculptures Around the World

If you are traveling to other countries in the world, then it is impossible to see everything that needs attention, specially the work of talented sculptors who create pieces of stone and metal work of art. In this collection, you will see the best masterpieces of human imagination that rule the streets of famous cities around the world. Continue reading

Fantastic Retrofotografii From The Lake Bottom (6)

Fantastic RetroPhotography From The Lake Bottom

“Tarzan” Johnny Weissmuller with the swimmer in the lead role.Mozert first wanted to make a few shots workflow. But the lake, where the shooting took place, was struck by its crystal clear water, and the photographer thought about the series of underwater shots, for which he built a waterproof box camera from scrap materials. Continue reading

Funniest Reflections Fails (6)

Funniest Reflections Fails

How often have you noticed something interesting or funny in reflections? Sometimes it happens that does not notice the mirror surface located behind. But then, looking at the picture, you realize that it is the mirror was a whistleblower, or just had “in the subject.”Some even use reflection as an additional source of inspiration for funny pictures. Continue reading